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Window Cleaning: 15 Plus Stories
Complete Clean LLC approaches each job 15+ stories by assessing the best and safest methods to complete the job while still providing the best quality possible.

All hi-rise jobs are done via rope access/repelling to insure the best quality work possible. We will assess worker safety, building safety, roof anchors (locations, quality & rating) and public safety and make a safety/job plan specific to each property and project.

Our rope access window cleaning technicians are trained or supervised by our rope access/work-at-heights safety consultant. All technicians must follow the safety/job plan prepared by our rope access/work-at-heights safety consultant to insure the work is completed safely and with the best quality possible.

Depending on the size of the project 3-5 window cleaning technicians are assigned to the job and complete the work on a schedule presented to the property management prior to starting the project. We provide a regular report to the site management that includes progress, any issues and any problems with the property we notice.
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